Co-op Community Fund.

You can help raise money for Stannary Brass Band by becoming a Co-op member and choosing us as your local cause to receive 1% of whatever you spend on Co-op branded food, carrier bags and scratchcards. Go to to become a member and look at the band’s profile page at the following link:


Joining the band has been an amazing experience which encourages all people, young and old, to start playing a brass instrument. Over the years we have invested in some new pieces including The Golden Fleece and The Journal of Phileas Fogg which are awesome pieces to play! Last year the band bought me a brand new baritone horn and now I have upgraded to a fabulous £3500 euphonium which is a joy to play and I am able to play it at school and other bands. Joining Stannary Brass Band has resulted in me making some amazing friends and playing some incredible pieces of music that are enjoyable as well as providing a learning experience.                                               Maddy.

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