Training Band

A workshop will be taking place on Sunday 18th February in the Wortham Hall, Mount Kelly, led by music teacher, David Gray. It is intended for “improvers” with assistance from any main band players who would like to come. Please put your name on the list with the instrument you play or ring 01822 854888 so that music can be provided.

Charles is now leading the weekly training band and we have some new members who have joined.
He is assisted by young people, some of whom are doing their Duke of Edinburgh awards, and members of the main band.

The band can offer an instrument on loan to anyone from the age of 6 upwards (no upper age limit!) who would like to learn how to play an instrument, how to read music, and wants to improve their playing and progress within the band.

We meet at the Wortham Hall, Mount Kelly College, Tavistock. Our Musical Director is Peter Jones.
As soon as beginners have learned the basic skills of playing the C major scale and can sight-read simple pieces of music they are able to join the training band. This gives them the opportunity to play their parts in a group of musicians, to improve their playing and increase their confidence.

Regular attendance at rehearsals is necessary.
Some practise time at home is also required. Players who have an instrument on loan from the band are expected to clean and take care of it. Instruments, sheet music and uniform items remain the property of the band and should be returned if a member leaves.

Rehearsals take place in term time between 6pm and 7.15pm on Wednesday evenings. When possible we continue outside of term times.

The training band has a representative who reports to the committee: Graeme Ugle.
Any member in any section of the band may speak to Graeme if they have any issues they wish the committee to discuss.
There is now a vacancy for a band Youth representative who helps to apply for grants.

Regular helpers are DBS checked and are aware of the band’s child protection policy. Judith is the officer who deals with any concerns.

Members who attended the 2015 SWBBA workshop were asked to pass on 3 top tips to their bands. They are:
POSTURE, PREPARATION and PRACTISE. Attention to these three will improve our playing.
Whenever a training band member feels they are ready, they are welcome to sit in with the main band to learn to follow the music and play whatever they are able to. Just tell Graeme or Peter when you feel ready to do this. Peter will tell you when he thinks you are ready to join the main band permanently.

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